Two CEOs I’d love to meet

I love watching keynotes. Don’t ask me why. I just do. Maybe it’s because I’m not the greatest public speaker and I hope to pick up some traits. Maybe I’m trying to glean some new info. Regardless, some of the best keynotes are by CEOs. This shouldn’t really be a surprise. Here are two of my favorites.

If you’ve seen a Sprint commercial in the past few months, you’ve seen their CEO, Dan Hesse. I like his laid-back style. He usually doesn’t wear a tie and often sport a pair of Vans. Below is a short clip from his keynote at CTIA. I suggest watching the full version HERE.

On the flip side, Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt, pulls off the prim and proper look. Suit, tie and a CEO issue haircut. But when he talks, man oh man, he’s got a wicked sense of humor. Watch this whole video and listen to the way he interacts with the folks asking questions. Some of them try to knock him off balance, but he doesn’t take any guff.

One thought on “Two CEOs I’d love to meet”

  1. Breon,

    First, thank you for posting these. I did watch Erik’s entire speech and Q&A session. I was astounded with how down-to-earth he is when faced with specifically tough questions and also how he handled what weren’t quite questions and asked them to re-ask them as a question.

    Second, the answer that Erik gave regarding net neutrality is quite interesting and actually made a lot of sense (wanting operators to be able to limit bandwidth when it overloads their networks, but not wanting them to choose which specific provider they limit. Treat the same form of content equally whether it’s text, image, video, etc.)

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