Three Near-Future Space Movies That I Watched This Week

I was home sick today, and stumbled across an awesome space movie on SyFy.  Then I remembered that I had a couple of other space movies on my “To Watch” list.  I ended up watching all three.

Here’s what I thought.

The movie that I stumbled across was called Sunshine.  I started watching it somewhere in the middle, but the description got me up to speed.

Sunshine is set in the near-future, and the Sun is about to die out.  A team of scientists/engineers/astronauts are sent on a mission to rekindle it with a ginormous bomb.  This is the second attempt, but no one knows why the first mission was a failure…until…well, you’ll just have to watch ;)

There is an all-star cast with the dude from 28 Days Later, the dude from Captain America, and the chick from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

This movie is amazing.  The visuals are great.  The score is moving, and one of the songs is actually used in the TV show The Walking Dead.  You need to rent/buy/steal* this movie so you can watch it…now.

The second movie that I watched has been sitting in my Netflix queue forever.  It’s called Stranded, and appears to be a foreign film.

Stranded is also set in the  near-future, this time the astronauts are sticking a little closer to home; They are on the first manned mission to Mars.  Something happens and their landing is a bit rougher than planned.  This puts a damper on their plans to leave the red planet, after the mission is over.  While exploring the surface, they come across something very interesting.

This movie has all of the markings of a foreign film.  The acting is sub-par…as is the writing…and cinematography.  There are a couple of familiar faces, but you’ll have to dig on IMDB to figure out what they were in previously.

Pass on this.

The third movie was recommended to me by a co-worker.  It’s called Moon, and is…well…set on the moon.  While this movie doesn’t explicitly mention a year, it has that “near-future” feel to it.

The movie centers around one man, who nearing the end of his solitary, three-year contract to mine helium-3 from the moon’s surface.  On a routine excursion to collect a batch, he gets in an accident, damaging the mining vehicle.  He awakes in the infirmary, with no recollection of what happened.  He finds out about the damaged vehicle, but is under orders to not exit the base.  After outsmarting the computer, me manages to get out, and finds his wrecked rover, storing something very interesting.

Sam Rockwell is the star, with Kevin Spacey as the voice of the computer.

This is a solid flick with a nice twist.  It’s worth watching if you can find it online somewhere.  I wouldn’t buy it, though.


*I’m not actually condoning theft or piracy.  It’s just a figure of speech, dude.

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