The Great American Diner

When I think of the Great American Diner, I think of three things:

  • The scent of coffee as soon as you walk in
  • Old people sitting at the counter

The North Pole Restaurant have been providing these diner staples for over 60 years.

I’ve driven past the restaurant for about 5 years.  I had a hunch that it was a traditional diner, but never stopped in.  One day, I was bored and figured I’d give it a shot.  I was not disappointed.  I (of course) ordered the Hot Roast Beef Sandwich.

It took me back to when I was a kid and we’d stop at a diner on the way home from the horse auction or flea market.  In rural Michigan, there is no shortage of diners.  You can ask my mom, I would ALWAYS order the hot roast beef sandwich.

I’m glad I’ve found this hidden treasure…only 4 miles from my house :)

2 thoughts on “The Great American Diner”

  1. Breon – What a fun post! I too am a diner fan.

    I wish we could go back in time and visit Becky’s. Becky’s was near the corner of Hennepin and Franklin on the same block as Burch Pharmacy.

    Technically it was a cafeteria. The decor was dark, flocked wallpaper nearly covered in religious images. Becky’s hired many disabled people as staff. You pushed a plastic tray along and requested what you wanted. Hot roast beef and gravy were perennial offerings, as were hot, watery green beans.

    Now the neighborhood offers fancy restaurants and Sebastian Joe’s. But the persistency of old and dowdy establishments like “Burch Pharm” and the dry cleaner give a hint of the real flavor of the intersection thirty years ago.

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