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The Year of Mobile

It’s no secret, I’m a fanatic about mobile.  While I’m partial to the Android mobile operating system, I try to be fair and take in as much info about all aspects of mobile.  I subscribe to about 80 RSS feeds ranging from company press releases to analyst sites to mobile news sites to mobile job feeds.  Some are more active than others, but by the end of the day, I’ve scanned through hundreds of articles.  I’ve spotted a trend:  Change.
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I Sense a Disturbance in the Force

When the iPhone came out, there was a gigantic sigh of relief from mobilephiles the world over. It blended a smartphone with an entertainment device and slapped a sexy Apple user interface on top of it all. I played with the iPhone (pre-3G) and enjoyed the experience. The hardware was certainly slick too. However, it wasn’t my cup of tea (yet).
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