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3 Much Needed Android “Replacements”

I’ve been an Android user for just about 3 years now. In its humble beginnings, there were a lot of core features “missing” from the platform. In fact, there wasn’t even an on-screen keyboard. Since then, the Android Team has introduced a horde of new APIs granting developers access to the depths of the OS.

Nowadays, you can’t help but stumble upon tons of keyboards, Launcher replacements, and cameras. These apps help the user customize their experience to the suit their needs. Even with all of the apps available in the Android Market, there are still some aspects that users can’t change. Here are a few things I’d like to see “opened” up.
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Android and Droid: What’s the Difference?

With the increasing popularity and affordability of smartphones, more and more folks are ditching the flip for something a little more advanced.  The iPhone is probably still the most sought after device in the mix.  However, Android based devices are starting to get more time in the spotlight.  I’ve also been noticing people interchanging the name “Droid” for “Android”.
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