Flickr vs Picasa

It’s pretty apparent that Flickr is the leading online photo service. There are tons of sites and services that integrate with the Yahoo! service. You can upload and manage your photos (and videos) with a desktop application or via the web.  Even iLife ’09 (iPhoto), which comes with every new Mac, can publish photos to your Flickr account.  There is a free version and a Pro version which gives you unlimited storage, unlimited sets and collections, and the ability to download your originals.

Then there’s Picasa by Google.  Picasa offers many of the same features as Flickr.  You can upload and manage your photos from the web or with the Picasa Uploader (the uploader does integrate with iPhoto).  There isn’t a ‘Pro’ version per se, but you can purchase additional storage, which is also shared with Gmail and Google Docs.  I paid $20 and have 80GB of storage for my Google services.  Also, every Android phone has a “Share with Picasa” feature.  It’s just built into the OS.  With Flickr you have to use a third party app or use utilize their “upload via email” service.  Picasa also integrates with any Blogger accounts that you have.

With the services being so similar, why is Flickr more popular than Picasa?  I want to know what you think.

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