Idea: Apartments Offer Prospective Tenants Overnight Stay

Amanda and I looked at an apartment this weekend.  We just moved into our current apartment last August, and we’re very happy here. But you never know what’s out there until you look.  The apartment manager was understanding and eve said “…if you find the perfect place”.  To be honest, this apartment is pretty dope, and we’re seriously considering moving when our lease is up.

We had a tour of the property, and a nice chat with manager.  But it’s hard to get a true sense of the building, amenities, and neighborhood with a 30 minute visit.

Wouldn’t it be great if apartments offered prospective tenants an overnight stay or two? (c-c-callback)

You could bring some groceries for dinner or see what’s to eat nearby.  You’d meet some of your neighbors and see if they’re rowdy at night.  You could test out the amenities like the workout facilities, pool, community room, and laundry.  The number one thing I want to know is what the traffic is like during rush hour.  I would even pay a reasonable overnight rate to try an apartment out.

Am I crazy for thinking this?

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