A Response From G4 TV

Yesterday, I ranted to G4 about the lack of digital availability of their content.  10 hours later, I received a response.  I kind of didn’t expect a response.


I understand and feel your pain on this, but our hands are a bit tied on exactly what (and how much) content we can offer via these digital download services.  G4’s affiliate agreements with cable and satellite operators are fairly strict in laying out how and where we can (re)sell G4 programming on these emerging platforms. You see, your cable company pays G4 for the right/ opportunity/ honor to run our programming on their service. They turn around and charge you as part of your monthly service package.  Our agreements with these cable operators protect them from us simply making the same programming available elsewhere for free or on a pay-per-download basis. The “full episodes” on iTunes/ XBL are “best of AOTS/ X-Play” episodes, and something that we do not make available as cable programming. I will definitely look into updating the tag at the end of the podcasts.

Your next question will inevitably be “why do I see so many other cable channels doing this?”… Frankly they have different agreements than we do.  Full episodes will likely be available through cable company operated services like “TV Everywhere” and “Xfinity” soon – but these require having a cable subscription already, so that probably doesn’t help you much. I can’t say at this time whether or not full episodes will be available any time soon. I have to assume that they will, but don’t hold me to that. That’s about all I can get into on this subject, and while this is a violent oversimplification of what are actually very long, and unbearably complex deals (between cable channels and cable/ satellite operators), hopefully I’ve answered your question.

Whether you keep your cable subscription (which, as a Comcast employee I certainly hope you do) or not, I would like to encourage you to check out some of our awesome web shows on G4tv.com. If you like AOTS and X-Play, I think you’ll enjoy these. I’m not just saying that because I’m in charge of them. I think they’re great.

Feedback – Weekly, long-form video game discussion show with Adam Sessler and a panel of G4tv.com games editors

Sessler’s Soapbox – weekly rant from X-Play’s venerable host

The MMO Report – a weekly, humorous look at news from the world of MMORPGs

Fresh Ink – Blair Butler’s weekly comic-book review show

Talkabouts – in-depth discussions about reviews with their authors, off-the-cuff discussions of breaking videogame news, etc

Let me know if you have any other questions

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