A Letter to G4 TV

I wrote an email to webmaster@g4tv.com today.  I’m sure it’ll be read and responded to immediately.  :|

To whom it may concern,
I’m a big fan of Attack of the Show, and have been without it for a couple of years.  Recently, Comcast added G4 to the Digital Starter lineup and I’ve been happily watching it since.

Over the past couple of months, I’ve thought about canceling my TV service with Comcast Cable.  Full episodes, of eight shows that I watch, are available on Hulu and others are available elsewhere.  However, I’d be without Attack of the Show (and X-Play) again.

When I didn’t have G4, I was a follower of the AOTS Daily Podcast on iTunes.  After each clip there was a bumper that said “Like this short clip? Wanna get more? Download a full episode on iTunes, Zune, XBOX Live Marketplace, or Fancast Store right now”.  This got me thinking.  Maybe they have season subscriptions of the shows.  Sure it would cost me money, but it’d be cheaper than my cable bill.

Guess what?  NONE of the digital media services listed above actually have full episodes of AOTS.  iTunes and Zune (which is the same as XBOX Live Marketplace) offer a weekly ‘best of’ episode.  They usually run 30-50 minutes.  Each week, there are four 42 minute (without commercials) episodes of AOTS.  Basically, each a full week of shows is boiled down to the length of one episode.  That does NOT equal ‘full episodes’ being available online.

Where’s Fancast in all of this?  Well, Fancast doesn’t even offer the ‘best of’ episodes.  Fancast and G4 are both subsidiaries of Comcast.  Why Comcast wouldn’t make its shows available to watch or purchase on their own digital media service is beyond me.

Will true, full episodes be available somewhere on the internet?  Please tell me that something is in the works?

Breon Nagy

P.S. You really should change that bumper on the AOTS podcast. It’s very misleading.  Just sayin’.

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