A couple more days with the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus

I gotta admit, I haven’t spent as much time with the Pre and Pixi as I should have.  Although, I have been using them in the context of ‘everyday use’ and not just über-nerdcore-deep-tech-dive.

Last night I was helping a friend with a dead cable modem/sick kid/puppy drama.  I had a BRIEF 45 minute chat with Comcast and I used the Pixi. The call was clear.  It was comfortable to hold. I was able to use the speakerphone, which worked out well. I even used the mute function! ;)  All in all the phone portion of the ‘smartphone’ was pretty good.

The Pixi has also been my primary media player. I haven’t loaded any MP3s on it yet, but Pandora has sure gotten a workout.  The great thing about WebOS is you can run multiple apps at the same time.  So while Pandora is cracking out the tunes, I can be chatting away on gTalk.  I usually have it patched into my car stereo.  The audio quality is pretty good.  It doesn’t lag at all and the app pauses when you get a call or if you unplug the headphone cable. Which is good in my book. Nobody needs to know I was listening to Metro Station.  Another cool feature of Pandora on Palm is the song title and artist are displayed on the lock screen; so you don’t have to unlock the phone to see who you’re listening to.  I imagine this is part of the SDK. Alas, the is no last.fm client for Palm. Sigh.

The only minor issue I’ve run across this far, is when you’re in 1x data service the phone gets really warm…which means it’s using more power…which means the battery is going to die quicker…which means I’ll be a sad panda. Verizon says they have the largest 3G coverage are, but most of the length of Wisconsin 29 I was in 1x data.

More on coverage area tomorrow.

More on Pre tomorrow. (promise)


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